Obalende (2016) is a six-part study of place as character. 'Obalende', drawing inspiration from its translation to English, looks at the place through a lens of loss and displacement. The work is a study on what it looks like to be pursued from a place by a force stronger than you, what it means to be dislocated from a place where you had previously kept yourself - and thrown back onto the road.

This work is both intentional and fictional in its arrangement: following a (fictional) family in the comfort of their home - from the beginning of the day when they are still going about life as usual, to the point of fleeing, to being alone on the road with one's belongings and finally, going through the restless search for a new home to belong to.

Chaos is attracted to the unsuspecting.
If lion say make e chase person commot for where e dey, e go remember cloth? E go remember shoe?
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