'Last Life' (Atmos Mag, 2023)

'The Only Way Out Is Through' (excerpt, Lithub, 2022) 

'Thomas' (excerpt, Granta, 2022) 

'Revelations' (Catapult, 2021) 

'There Is Love At Home' (Gulf Coast, 2021)

'After God, Fear Women' (The Georgia Review, 2021)

'Gold' (Guernica, 2020)

'Good Boy' (Paris Review, 2020)

'Rain' (Berlin Quarterly, 2019)

'Grief is the Gift that Breaks the Spirit Open' (Caine Prize Anthology, 2018)

'Night Wind' (SomeSuchStories, 2017) 

'And Morning Will Come' (Transcending The Flame Anthology, 2017)


'Choose Your Own Adventure' (Lonely Planet, 2022)

'Melting Clocks' (Paris Review, 2020)

'Don't Let It Bury You' (Catapult, 2017)


'Shapes' (originally on, 2015)

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