Eloghosa Osunde is a Nigerian writer and multidisciplinary artist whose work often explores mental health, sexuality and the psychology of identity and interpersonal intimacies. 

She is an alumna of the Farafina Creative Writing Workshop (2015), the Caine Prize Workshop (2018) and the filmmaking and screenwriting programs at New York Film Academy. Following the Farafina workshop, her selection of vignettes ‘Shapes’ was edited and published online by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Eloghosa's short story ‘And Morning Will Come,’ was longlisted for the 2017 Writivism Short Story Prize and her writing has since been published by multiple publications including Paris Review, Longreads, Catapult & Berlin Quarterly. Eloghosa's visual art has also appeared in Vogue, The New York Times and Paper Magazine. She is a 2019 Lambda Literary Fellow and a 2020 MacDowell Colony Fellow.

Between creating art prints for Orange Culture's SS20 collection, writing monologues for the Lagos Theatre Festival, and building immersive mixed-media exhibitions, Eloghosa's work honors medium as an integral part of artmaking.  She situates her visual art in the overlap between fiction, photography and painting. Through a combination of manual and digital processes, her work tests the limits of reality (who defines it? is it singular? does it matter?) by locating protagonists in intangible, alternate realms where the granular details of time and setting melt to a blur. Her visual art has been exhibited across four continents so far, twice solo (once in Lagos and then in Russia); selected for the New York Portfolio Review; for Photoville's EmergiCubes (2017) as curated by The New York Times’ James Estrin and David Gonzalez and most recently exhibited at the National Museum in Lagos, Nigeria. Eloghosa was awarded a 2017 Miles Morland Scholarship to write her debut work of fiction.  She is represented by the Wylie Agency and the author of VAGABONDS! which will be published in 2021 by Riverhead Books.

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